The Aquadolls' Bleach 7"

"Bleach" and "Runaway" are two songs from The Aquadolls' upcoming album that will be dropping in full later this summer! 

"I've been working on recording and mixing every single day since February of this year and cannot wait to get the finished product out. I dropped these two songs as a little preview for what's yet to come.

"Bleach" is a song I wrote summer of 2016 while on a US tour. My boyfriend dumped me in the middle of tour and all I could think was, "How the f*ck am I

going to get through this?" To keep my sanity, I took to my pen and paper and wrote down all of my thoughts. Good, and mostly the bad. I was hurt beyond belief, but was traveling across the country playing shows to people I've never seen before. It was a curse and a blessing all in one. "Bleach" came from the hurt inside of me. It was me spitting out all the bad thoughts in my head and turning something disastrous into something that empowers me. I took a bad situation and made it into music.


I wrote "Runaway" last summer while crushing on someone. My paranoia of f*cking up the potential idea of me dating this person had me playing games with them, and it drove me insane. I was always on my toes and felt like I couldn't be myself without scaring them away. The lyrics focus on how I get in my head because I'm scared of showing how I feel in fear of rejection. 


Peep The vids below:


*Upcoming Shows*

July 25th - The Locker Room at Garden Amphitheater - Garden Grove, CA



July 26th - A Very Rare Shop - Los Angeles, CA

Tickets available at door

Photos by Michael Haight

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