Be All, End All: "The Single" Video Premiere

Hey creeps! This week we are stoked to release the latest music video from San Diego indie alt-rock band Be All, End All. “The Single” is from Be All, End All’s recent album Cortez and has Carls Vertongen on vocals, Jack Severson on lead guitar, Carley Fischer on rhythm guitar, Kaylee Kussman on bass, and Hannah Silverstein on drums. The song is an outspoken and angst-filled anthem about dealing with the pressures of growing up and self-acceptance. Directed by Christophen Macken and produced by Play Yah Records, the music video follows Carls as she gets ready for another routine day on the job as a lifeguard. Things get out of hand as an annoying group of kids antagonize her, but she’s had enough. The song’s catchy hooks and melody are enough to make you check the vid out (as well as Carls’ role as the irritated lifeguard and Jack in a speedo…) Go check out Play Yah Records and Be All, End All on social media to catch the latest from them!

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