Echo Beach Interview

Hey creeps today we are posting our first international interview with the Liverpool band Echo Beach. Although Echo Beach is hundreds of miles away in England, they fit right into the SoCal music scene with the dreamy, laidback vibes their music instills into listeners. The band is made up of Adam, who plays guitar and vocals, Joe, who plays bass and vocals, Connor, who plays guitar and synth, and Jack, who plays drums and percussion. Through the gift of technology we were able to ask the band a couple questions about how their journey in music began and their hopes to tour the states in the future.

Creeper Magg: What are your names and what do each of you play?
Echo Beach: Our names are Adam, Joe, Connor and Jack. Adam - Guitar and vocals, Joe - Bass and Vocals, Connor - Guitar and Synth, Jack - Drums and Percussion

CM: How did all of you meet?
EB: We all met in School, Connor and Joe have known each other for 16 years - so a pretty long time.

CM: What was your guys’ main motivation to start a band?
EB: #Boredom, babes, more boredom and good demos.

CM: You guys are currently signed with Hail Hail Records right, how did that come about?
EB: We played a debut gig in our hometown, Liverpool. Sam heard of us through our gig from a friend and got in touch with a release offer. Pretty awesome really. Hail Hail records is a DIY label started by our good friend Sam Banks. Hail Hail has been active for around a year and has released tons of great material; artists such as Psychic Shakes, Tyler Burkhart and Pallow are just a few of the awesome artists that come to mind. Sam and Hail Hail are also from Liverpool, meaning that we have had a strong connection with Sam ever since he got in touch with us back in January, we're best of friends now.

CM: Your debut EP ‘Greetings from Echo Beach’ is your latest release right? When was it released and what was the recording process like?
EB: 'Greetings from Echo Beach' is in fact, our greatest hits album. Available in all good music retailers. It is so good, it didn't even warrant any other releases so we went straight to greatest hits. Jokes aside, we spent 6 weeks holed up in Jack’s house recording our EP. Lo-fi home recordings are massively important to us. Because of this, recording can be strenuous, but we managed to overcome difficulties with time, dedication, beer and pizza. The time period between the initial writing stage and the release of the EP took about a year, Adam and Connor started writing some interesting demo's around July 2015, then after a year of demoing and experimenting - the EP was written, recorded and ready for release. Very trial and error.

CM: Listening to ‘Greetings from Echo Beach’, you get a lot of relaxed, beach vibes, what do you hope your music instills to people who listen to it?
EB: We hope it instills a state of out of body relaxation upon the listener. We also really like the beach so we hope that comes across.

CM: What inspires your music?

EB: A lot of things inspire our music. During the time of recording we were listening to a lot of artists like DIIV, Beach Fossils and John Maus and I think that comes across. More recently we've been listening to High Sunn, No Vacation and a lot of disco music (Rick Astley). I believe that a lot of our sound has also come about as a result of general boredom with the stereotypical pysch-pop sounds coming from our hometown. We wanted to go against the grain if you will. I also believe that the home-studio environment has had a great deal of effect on our sound. The availability of a lot of equipment we have previously not had experience with (drum tracks, synths, etc.) allowed for a lot of experimentation, shout-out to the Wood household for that one. 

CM: You guys are from Liverpool right, what is the music scene like over there? How do you think it differs from here in Southern California?
EB: The scene in Liverpool is pretty varied, there tends to be a lot of pysch bands around at the moment though which is good, but we prefer to go against the grain. We don't know much about the SoCal scene itself, but I'd say Echo Beach would easily fit into some of the acts we've heard and enjoy (High Sunn, No Vacation, etc). Let us come play over there please!

CM: Have you ever been on tour?

EB: We've never been on tour as a band as of yet, but we're looking into planning a UK tour soon. We have our first show outside of Liverpool in September supporting INHEAVEN and Pale Waves in Nottingham.

CM: Do you plan to tour the states any time soon?

EB: We really hope so. We believe our music would be better appreciated in the states, who knows, one day we may get the chance!

CM: How would you describe your music to new listeners?

EB: Our music sounds like the spirit of Harambe, sat on a beach, gracefully watching the sunset.

CM: What is your dream as a band? (Like do you have a dream venue/festival to play at, etc.)

EB: We really want to be able to tour the states, I think that's our ultimate dream. We'd love to play the likes of SXSW and Pitchfork Festival too.

CM: What are you guys currently listening to?

EB: Tough question, we listen to a lot of music. To name a few, Blood Orange, ScHoolboy Q, Chris Cohen, Arthur Brown, Porches and Alex Calder.

CM: Are you guys currently working on new material? Do you have any shows coming up soon?
EB: We are currently working on a new musical offering to the Gods. We have around five or six new tracks on the way, so maybe a new EP/release soon-ish. We're playing The Bodega, Nottingham September 29th.

CM: Any final thoughts on music or life in general?
EB: Harambe will be avenged. Also we’re sorry about Trump.

You can creep up with the band through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also check out their latest EP ‘Greetings From Echo Beach’ on Hail Hail Records’ Bandcamp.

Echo Beach:

Adam-Guitar and Vocals

Joe-Bass and Vocals

Connor-Guitar and Synth  

Jack-Drums and Percussion


Interview edited by Emily Kimura

Photos taken by Sam James Banks

Photos edited by Kelsea Cadena