Music was blaring from speakers in a backyard nearby as I stepped out of the car and past some wooden fences, eager to hear some new local indie. A few weekends ago, I attended a house show put on by Heartcore Productions: the lineup included Wanderlude, The Red Pears, Foliage, and High Sunn, who ended their SoCal tour with this event.  I had arrived just in time to catch the second band as they were setting up.

El Monte’s The Red Pears played an electric set. The band, made up of Henry Vargas on vocals/guitar, Jose Corona on drums, and Juan Aguilar on bass, are a perfect mix of old school charm and lo-fi garage rock. Vargas commanded the mic with his gritty vocals and cool charm while Corona and Aguilar’s energy and tempo were on fire. Fan favorites “Forever” and “Daylight Moonlight” had the crowd rocking out, swaying in time with The Red Pears’ melodies.

Foliage frontman M. Joseph Walker held a quick photo-op after setting up, smiling for the cameras before playing his first song. Dusk was setting as Walker crooned into the microphone, with neon lights illuminating from the backdrop. Songs like “URL” and “Unrequited” had fans get lost in the music as Foliage played their signature shoegaze indie pop. There was a bittersweet beauty in all of this, from the catchy guitar riffs to the ethereal vocals.

San Francisco’s High Sunn closed the night with a hypnotic and candid set. High Sunn’s unique style of low-fi bedroom and dream pop is the creation of Justin Cheromiah, who started the project in 2014. Cheromiah saw the importance of producing his own content and it didn’t take long for others to notice. High Sunn’s extensive work has garnered lots of attention not only in the states but Japan as well. Cheromiah played an intimate set, with songs such as “I want yr heart” and “Ok...Love You...Bye”. High Sunn’s music is of desire and despair, love and loss, shown through Cheromiah’s dynamic and pleading vocals. Foliage’s M. Joseph Walker made an appearance playing drums for a song.

The atmosphere was vibrant towards the end of the night. A random fan was crowd surfing as two male go-go dancers danced away. Throughout the event, there was a positive energy in the crowd and up on stage as well. High Sunn had a successful SoCal run with the help of great local indie bands. Expect more to come from these stunning acts.



Article and photos by Jaqueline Castaneda

Bands Featured:

The Red Pears, Foliage, High Sunn