Katie Raffa Art submission

Katie Raffa is a visual artist and art educator born in Manhattan, NY currently working in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in paper collage, video art, installation and sculpture. Her work indirectly confronts social topics like gender, politics and urbanism. She is currently obsessed with deconstructing the depiction of femininity in print media.

“Great American Road Trip” is a tribute to both wanderlust and the diverse North American landscape. The grass is always greener on the other side, like the wave of New Yorkers moving transcontinental to Los Angeles shows (and vice versa). The flora in North America varies SO greatly from region to region and this piece serves as a reminder to myself to explore more.

“Avoiding Fates Glance” falls in line with my never ending critiques on feminine roles and norms.

Even in 2016, we (unfortunately) need to drastically shift society’s notion of gender roles. I’m deeply committed to continually address gender inequality through art.

“Feeling Jaffa” is rooted in a daydream. The ancient looking stairs lead to an abstracted window of whimsical textures, colors and places. The orange alludes to classical still life and western culture, while the chalice, stairwell and stonewalls remind me of worlds further east. The title itself is a play on my last name and the Middle Eastern influences in the Mediterranean.

“Groningen (Awash)” is the product of my first opportunity to make art while away on vacation. A quiet day to myself in Groningen (whilst doing laundry, finally) I could finally meditate and reflect on my trip to that point. How appropriate, our protagonist is talking on the phone, perhaps talking about her vacation? The red line suggests the classic telephone scene with two subjects on screen separated by a line.

Creep up with her on Twitter and Instagram. Also be sure to check out her website katieraffa.com