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Portraits Podcast 33 w/ Tylor Steelman:

The first memory I have of Tylor is seeing him do standup a couple years back for an Echavox set in Tristan’s backyard. That was the first night I met both Tylor and Andrew Eastman. A monumental night. I never knew how intertwined my life would become with so many humans that evening. (As a side note, that’s also the night I recall meeting Isaiah Parra, who was the very first guest on this podcast; I didn’t realize how many solid friends I made at that show until now). The first impression most people get of Tylor is that he’s a funny. And he is, very much so. And as you spend time with him, you also get to see how thoughtful he is. He’s creative and that comes out in all he’s involved in. He has a podcast of his own called “Del Talko” in which he visits different Del Tacos with friends & talks about the experience and then some. We recorded an episode of Del Talko before recording Portraits so be sure to check it out on iTunes along with his other brilliant episodes! (Our ep. is entitled “The Ghost of Mr. Del Taco). Tylor and I sat down and talked about breathing life into ideas, our scary stories and different variations of fries. 

Also, be sure to check out Tylor's podcast, "Del Talko"

-Josh Kozycz