State Of Dreaming: Act I

Originally a novel written by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides explores the secret lives of the Lisbon sisters through the eyes of the boys in their neighborhood. With its dream-like aesthetic and haunting soundtrack, The Virgin Suicides, written and directed by Sofia Coppola, became a cult classic. We decided to take inspiration from the film, but instead showcase the dream-like aesthetic with people of color, thus revamping the 90s movie’s style to reflect what our society looks more like today with more varied skin tones. State of Dreaming: Act I exemplifies the disillusionment the Lisbon girls’ experienced at school, while also showcasing the boy all of the Lisbon sisters came to idolize before their demise, Trip Fontaine.


Styling by Emily Kimura & Kelsea Cadena

Photos by Kelsea Cadena

Assistant: Caroline Kimura

Models: Isary, Jasmine, Celiana, Jackie, Natalie, Harley

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