State Of Dreaming: Act II

A couple weeks ago we introduced ‘State of Dreaming: Act I,’ which was inspired by the film ‘The Virgin Suicides.’ Act I focused on the Lisbon sisters’ life at school and how they felt an array of emotions while being there, such as disillusionment as well as enjoyment. Act I also focuses on a certain boy the Lisbon girls crush on, Trip Fontaine, and how he became apart of their fantasy world. Act II of ‘State of Dreaming’ focuses on the aftermath of the Lisbon sisters’ suicides, and what was left behind, their belongings and Trip. We chose to focus on the Lisbon girls’ room because a majority of the film focuses on their seclusion away from everyone else and how they put forth so much effort into creating their own world. ‘State of Dreaming: Act II,’ also features Trip Fontaine once again, only this time exploring the Lisbon girls’ neighborhood after they are gone.

Model: Harley

Photos by: Kelsea Cadena

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