Despite the fact that they are miles away from Creeper Magg’s grasp in Hesperia, the band Suburban caught our attention and we were able to chat with them via email about the upcoming release of their full-length album ‘Melt Into the Floor.’ Suburban is made up three friends in their early 20s: Werner von der Heide on vocals and guitar, Scotty Adler on bass and guitar, and Carly Jennifer on drums, who all managed to pursue music despite their ‘suburban’ beginnings in their desert town.

Creeper Magg: What are the names of the members in the band and what instruments do you play?

Suburban: The Current lineup at the moment is Scotty on bass/guitar and Carly on drums and I [Werner] play guitar and sing. Sometimes we have a friend sit in on bass so Scotty can play guitar but essentially it’s currently a power trio.

CM: What is Suburban’s origin story, how did ya’ll get together and play music?

S: Well it was essentially just a brainchild I had in high school; I had no prior music experience other than maybe a couple simple chords. I had the idea with my buddy Keyon who had no bass experience and we essentially linked up with Travis Lees (The Gnartards) who was already a phenomenal drummer kind of rolled with the punches of our novice string instrument skills and we sort of grew from there.

CM: Where does ‘Suburban’ come from, and does it have any meaning to you guys?

S: When we went by Suburban Goth it was just paying homage to the heavily right wing gated community I grew up in sort of just being an outcast in a suburban wasteland the ‘Goth’ was just my angst talking.... sort of outgrew that haha.

CM: If you could describe your band’s sound in three words, what would they be?

S: Rock And Roll. Does that count even though it’s a phrase?

CM: Describe the vibe of the shows you usually play at, and what is your local music scene like?

S: It’s a shot in the dark every time usually they’re chaotic, really loud but essentially everyone’s having a good time. The scene in the desert (well aside from the skacore and novelty punk) is awesome so many new groundbreaking bands it’s amazing. I absolutely love every band I’ve played with up here.

CM: What’s in store for Suburban’s future? Will you be dropping new music or going on tour in 2017?

S: At the moment the main focus is getting the new album ‘Melt Into The Floor’ out there. I’m going to do a zine and a cassette release, so I’m very excited about that. Touring is, well I’d love to do a tour, but we just got to get back on the show circuit.

CM: What was the recording process like for ‘Melt Into the Floor’?

S: Well the recording process was all just me purging ideas into my little eight track then going back and seeing what stuck. Sort of like any creative process it was essentially writing an essay that took a little over three months. 

CM: Are there any underlying themes for the songs on the album?

S: The album is a concept within itself it deals with isolation, self-reflection and cynical outlooks on the world today. It's semi personal but for the most part I tried to make it as objective as possible as far as the message is concerned.

CM: Do the songs on the album have any similarities with the songs you guys have released on your EPs or do they go into a whole new direction?

S: They kind of stick to that twangy reverbed out sound but I tried a bunch of new elements just to further the sound. It's definitely a little different but I'm excited [for] it and hope everyone else is as well.

CM: Are there any bands you’re listening to at the moment?

S: Right now a lot of Alex G he’s channeling a great era of music. Then the usual bands I always go to like Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Death in June, etc. etc. etc.

CM: Any final thoughts about music, 2016, or life in general?

S: Reflecting usually ends in an existential whirlwind of despair, but music is great I love its progression and I can’t wait for what’s to come. Keep on keepin on as they say.

You can check out Suburban’s current music on their bandcamp and creep up with them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure to check out ‘Melt Into the Floor’ on February 4th! You can also creep on us on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. #creepitreal



Werner von der Heide– vocals/guitar

Scotty Adler – bass/guitar

Carly Jennifer– drums

Suburban Photos by Kayla von der Heide

Suburban Artwork by Werner von der Heide

Creeper Magg:

Article edited by Emily Kimura