With the beginning of 2016 in full swing, the Collective XIII is pleased to publish our first set of film stills. TEEN-AGE stemmed from society's fascinations with youth and how everything was better back in the day. Adolescence is a period of time that films tend to fixate on, so we thought it would be interesting to create our own version to illustrate what goes on in teenager's minds during a house party. Movies such as Palo Alto and Perks of Being a Wallflower inspired the party aesthetic we were going for.


Set Design & Styling by: Emily Kimura & Kelsea Cadena

Photos by: Ariel Cortez & Leslie Gomez

Assistant: Jackie Castaneda

Models: Mercedes Broadway, Edgar Favela, Rebecca Harding, Sara Hill, Charles Sailor, Mariana Torres, Janel Villanueva

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